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All APO/FPO addresses are considered to be United States addresses, even if the recipient is currently stationed in another country. (We ship to a military post within the USA, which then sends it overseas.) Thus, you should choose "United States" from the Country menu for any military package.

The "State" menu has three special states created especially for military addresses: AA (Armed Forces America), AE (Armed Forces Europe), and AP (Armed Forces Pacific). You will need both that and the zip code of the APO address you're sending it to, or the address validation will fail.

For "City," enter APO or FPO, not the destination city. Instead, enter the destination country (if it's needed) on the second line of the address field.

Warning: If you are in the military and are placing an order via credit card, make sure your billing address matches the address on file for your card. Otherwise, your card will be declined and there will be a delay while we attempt to verify your card's details.


There are:

Three Military "States":

AA, which stands for Armed Forces (the) Americas
AE, which stands for Armed Forces Europe
AP, which stands for Armed Forces Pacific


Two "City" equivalents:

APO, which stands for Army Post Office
FPO, which stands for Fleet Post Office

Based on these constructs, a typical Overseas Military Mail address looks like this:

Postal Service Center + Identifier
Postal Service Center + Identifier
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